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Monday, September 14, 2015

Two Poems ------- Lisa MN Yoon Les (South Korea)

Two Poems ----- Lisa MN Yoon Les (South Korea)

The Glory of Walking                            
-The Glorious moment I met Walking by H.D.Thoreau

You entered the dark forest that is my mind
At dusk, gleaming

You stepped into the gloomy jungle that is my heart
Shining, fending off shadows

You came into the grizzly cottage that is my soul
Glowing, rounding the curves

You soothed my torn, cracked heart
Glittering, dazzling as the play of my bracelet

You amble and saunter,
Bringing brilliance into my shed

You are freedom and the unfettered wildness

That at once is also civilization’s peak.

Idol Star-smtm4
-Following We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks

Thee aspire inspire. Thee
Hip-hop K-Pop. Thee

Respect suspect. Thee
Cynical critical. Thee

Mask-on & off. Thee
Rapping choking. Thee

 Cracked Ordinary. Thee 
Oh Offnary Off

l  smtm4(Show Me the Money-Season4): It is a rap audition program on cable channel. There were so many young people who tried to be idol stars through the show. I had watched the show several times and felt sort of pity for the craze of the show and this poem is about the youngsters who wanted to be the rap idol stars but seemed to get stolen their normal daily life.  

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  1. I was WALKING with this poem!
    I could imagine how she felt while reading WALKING!
    I can hardly wait for meeting the book, WALKING asap!