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Friday, July 25, 2014

Valerie Fox ---- three poems

A new character enters a recurring dream

Meredith, from work.
Damn, so the whole episode
starts in the department conference room.
My shirt is gone, the pink one.
Meredith's leading me
the opposite
direction of where
I should go. She acts
like I should appreciate
her because
she is so willing to travel
with me to this painful, present place.

Late Friend

Phone message:
Hi, it's Jeff. I'm at the airport,
Gate 63, Delta. Can you come out here?

I have three hours.
I'll buy you one of those chocolatinis.
You can tell me all about England.

Phone message:
It's Jeff. My plane is about to take off.
I wrote you a letter and taped it
under the corner (left side) orange seat
across from service desk,
Delta, Gate 63.

Yes, I did take the train out there. Couldn't find the letter.
Must've looked strange. I have a few letters, though, from Jeff.
He tells me that he and his girlfriend got themselves
an imaginary dog. He takes up quite a bit of their time.

Places, mainly

There were too many mirrors in the house I grew up in. At least I got used to how I look. But a subsequent place where I lived had hardly any mirrors. My reflection could have left town and I wouldn't have noticed.

This one town I lived in banned train whistles after midnight. Everyone there was required to have their own porch swings, lawn ornaments, and watering holes.

Another town I lived in had a sister city in Iceland.

Generally, when the whole town couldn't sleep, the population would rise up out of their beds and restore Victorian dollhouses and other collectibles.

My final town, the one I'm in now, gives off a movie remake aura of having lost any real sense of place. Don't get me wrong. This town is big on culture and convenience. Even so, I now regret that I never made time to introduce myself, personally, to Darla and her quartet.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Five Poems --- E.F. Elixir

Belly of The Beast

          An odd situation we find ourselves in
          Being in the belly of the beast

          When once we were beckoned to force change,
          We found some forms are just as they’ve always been…

          So in all of what’s become
          We trust to start anew
          Clean our slates state to state
          With values wise-ridden
          And impermanent

          Becoming what would have been
          If the beast had just been left to rest

          As all else is while in the wild

Whimsical Again

I overheard them speak: "We bring gadgets,
For the days are rough, and unknown are the
Circumstances which would have us fix
Whimsical legacies as we break from
Shackles left here just to bind us,"
I knew not to interrupt. Good ol' jokes
With drinks, yet it's serious, for the drums
Are now crashing down, and there can be no
Time to meddle in constant grief, without
A movement which moves past repaired cuffs…
After us in the future sense. Most drown
Trying to move others to see just once
            How this could very well end in the blinks
            Of all eyes finding out that we were fiends.

Awe Phenomenon

I begin to breathe
An enigma at the wash
I blink as it washes over me

Beginning to think there’s nothing to wish
For if there were
I’d yet to have seen…                                                 
My dreams are a part of reality
And my reality’s made up of dreams

Forever and ever, and on, on-awe
And an “end” is not a word

Surreal Semantic
Heartthrob Galactic

Whatever is mindful
I’m sure
Would love to be
In between the skies
And deep beneath the trees

Returning with a
Message from the breach
Of “Who am I?”
With a reach of outer mind
And keen inner surprise

When then it’s learned that
Words have erred
And so feelings so adorned
Bring on yields of fields of gold            

And there we were
So here we are

Spaceship Scar
Earthy Purse

Breathe and breathe and breathe and breathe
I blink as it washes over me

Primordial Touch

Like Ancients
Come hide with me
In valleys unseen

In valleys where
Our slow caress of hands
Set flight
To growth of forests

Where our eyes meet
At once
In light of
All at once unfolding

Into an annexed-heart
Only glimpsed
In fantasies
Honed by ancients…

In fantasies
I awaken from
On nights
Your touch
Must elude me


Breathe lightly
And in doing so
Be at once with
All around you

Be the trance
That sits and
Soothes through
The ailments
You have gathered

Let them go
These are not yours to keep
You are not well
With them abound

Poems By: E.F. Elixir

Friday, July 18, 2014

Three Poems --- Warda Atroun

some poems i wrote recently :

Hidden Butterflies: 
Color blind are my eyes No colors around me No shimmering yellow like the sun No burning red like love No thriving blue like the horizon I dismissed childhood to embrace savageness I grew up to switch off marvelous thistles Of my innocent memories Oblivion banished my dreamy soul To purchase butterflies In a wondrous daffodils field.. Butterflies are hidden somewhere in a warless world far from injustice dust.

Lighthouse :
brightness reflection on the surface of the sea awakes his nostalgia home he remembered hot bread and a tender touch that light seems like fireside chats the smile of his mother sailing with him takes him far away the shores and brings him back to the wavy town of frozen night with old cats meetings in the harbor he’s a sailor hanging on wavy lines sailor a man of silence man of valor and patience Midnight serenity The perfect fairytale In your eyes When you put down your guitar You leave your cup of coffee Your books Then you come to play The world’s best love game I hide a dreamy touch Inside my heart You burn it out In midnight serenity Racing with unworried Songs of twinkling stars Our love is a treasure Buried on the surface of the moon Deep yet obvious As you left your life To live inside me I will never let you seep Out of myself . Distance pinnacle : Come again to make errors On the roof of my pains. Your mistakes are better than your empty place.. I read your Longing to me I swallow it like thorns I scattered my tears When you left me Like a sinking rose In an sighing waterfall Left and right .Up and down In All the directions i’m alone. What song should I sing To color your dark strawberries . To shake the silence Inside our memories. What letters should I use to touch the breeze of your perfume distance is the longest vowel I could pronounce.

city of magic
King of angels sitting Around the river Lights teasing with fire Their dancing wings Kissing shades of dawn Holding prayers And blaming letters They smile to serenity breeze They devolve powerful dreams For delightful nights Magic is magic Like truthful imagination Expands in eaves of wonders Mysteries are the eyes Of moony angels Secrets is the sound Of momentous volcanoes Slumber in mellifluous intuitions.