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Saturday, October 10, 2015

David Fewster ------ two poems


I remember Patrick McCabe,
Sort of a cross between Charles Baudelaire and
a young John Waters
(Bart Baxter called him “the mascara man”)
climbed the stage for his set at Red Sky Poetry Theatre.
Patrick’s oeuvre had one unifying theme—
The Poet Sorely Abused By Crass Society.
His piece this evening opened with the pronouncement
“Being a Poet is like
 Banging your head against a Brick Wall.”
Then he walked stage left and proceeded
to bang his head against Squid Row’s brick wall.
About a half-dozen times.
He finished the poem somewhat woozily
with a very red forehead.

And it was then I realized
that a literary vocation might be
More Strenuous than I had imagined.

(with a nod to Gregory Corso’s “Bomb”)

O Citizens United
Everyone hates you.
They say you are ugly
And Fascist.
They call you
And no one will dance with you.
They don’t understand
Your true nature.
One billion dollar the Koch Bros.
Promise to spend.
Where does this money go?
Advertising revenue for your local
TV, Radio & Newspaper outlets.
Print shops run by uncles and aunts
For flyers and posters.
Party supply stores for
Multi-colored balloons
And confetti.
Bakeries and donut shops
For delegate’s snacks.
And when corrupt scumbags
Skim and embezzle funds,
Who gets burned?
The Koch Brothers!
S’alright—they can afford it.
43 million for the Scott Walker campaign.
We have that money now.

They used to say that War
Was a good way to boost
The Economy.
Thanks to you, Citizens United,
We can change that.
And no one was ever napalmed
Mailing in a ballot.
Citizens United,

I love you.

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