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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Marjorie Sadin ----- Three poems

Published by Bewildering Stories

I Miss Stars

I miss the stars
And the salt of the ocean.
I miss the whinnying of horses
And the smell of pine trees.

I miss you.
And your scent like the mulch of the earth.
I miss mamma’s granola.
And the sound of the guitar.

I miss cotton fields
And August in Savannah.
I miss sparks from a fire
And steaks grilled with corn.

I miss childhood.
Was there ever one?
I miss innocence
Cloaked in words.

I miss parades
And peace rallies.
I miss promises
And pacts between pals.

I miss the stars
Orion, the Crab Nebula, the Big Dipper.
I miss long nights
And waking to touch.


Poem of the month Subsync Press Nov. 2016, The Trove March 2017

How to Live With What You Have

Throw out torn socks.
Save scratch paper.
Meet friends for coffee.
Make love on the creaky bed.

Pick up the dog’s shit.
Hand wash dishes.
Watch TV without cable.
Use a cell phone without texting.

Use the metro instead of driving.
Travel light.
Let the dicey heavens win the lottery.
Die penniless writing poetry

Go nowhere.
And always be near.

Published by Eunoia Press

Coffee and Ice Cream 
We greet the morning,
coffee and ice cream for breakfast.

The stream flows east toward the river.
The eddies from the stream are like shaving cream.

I dip my feet in the stream.
I kiss your cheeks.

When the sun sets its red curtains,
I am overcome.

I follow you to the shadow of the moon
where there is no light.

1 comment:

  1. Coffee and Ice Cream makes me the loss of the past, the then of love, torn away and now only in memories. Thanks for this.