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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Marjorie Sadin -------- two poems

                           Without Fanfare

Without all the fanfare, I love you.
I hover over you like fog.
Don’t be afraid, the moon is descending.
And furthermore the mountains are turning
into witnesses.

Without further ado, I love you.
I don’t put on any airs.
The moon is descending
And you are making valleys
out of mountains, and mountains out of love.

I love you without thinking.
It’s like getting dressed in the morning.
The moon is descending
And the sound of love echoes in the valleys.

And I hover over you like a mother.
The moon is descending
and the mountains blush, the valleys are  breathless-- they witness
our love.

                         Holding the Sky

My anger bellows.
Showers pound the ground.

And then it ends.

Why on you?
Because you’re in reach.

You flash like lightning
after my rage.
My thunder may frighten.
Not you.

You bend,
take me in your arms

the way a rainbow holds the sky.

-- Marjorie Sadin

These poems had appeared in Bewildering Times.

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